Cyber Attack Forensics and Response

Many businesses and organizations don't know who to call when a cyber attack hits them. DFI Forensics is available to response to ransomware attacks, data breaches, email compromises and more.

Having a digital forensics response team retained to respond ahead of time to cyber attacks is the best way to ensure that your business or organization is ready and prepared for an emergency when it strikes.

DFI Forensics

Common Cyber Attacks

Data Breach

Many attacks on business networks are motivated by a desire to access and steal one of today’s most valuable commodities – information.

This involves theft of confidential business data, intellectual property, financial information, personal information belonging to your customers or clients and any data that can be used to acquire money or sold to the highest bidder.


The majority of cyber attacks occurring today are ransomware attacks. The attacker gains access to your IT network and then encrypts your entire network and backup, if possible.

A ransom is then demanded, to be paid in untraceable cryptocurrency. If you pay the ransom, the attacker provides you with a key to decrypt your data. These attacks shut down entire businesses and are incredibly costly. Many businesses fail altogether following a ransomware attack.

Email Fraud

Business email compromise is a form of fraud in which compromised email accounts are monitored by cyber criminals in an attempt to seize upon an opportunity to redirect funds coming in or going out.

There are many facets to this type of attack that makes it extremely effect. Construction companies, manufacturers, retail providers, lawyers and insurance companies are common victims.

24/7 Cyber Attack Response Line

Contact DFI Foreniscs if you are experiencing a cyber attack anywhere in Canada or the United States. Our team of specialists is waiting to respond to you.

DFI Forensics

Why Every Organization needs a Cyber Attack Response Team

DFI Forensics can be retained as your organization's dedicated cyber attack response team for cost-effective yearly rates. Having the support of our team of specialists means your organization will have immediate assistance and you will save time and significant costs associated with these disruptive and difficult events.

With a single phone call, we are are on the case - armed with your IT layout, key contacts and resources for rapid response.

Organizations that do not have a forensics team retained in advance risk slower response times and will spend significantly more on a response. Working together in advance of an emergency is an obvious advantage to all parties.

As an expert cyber attack response team, we are ready to assist with data breaches, ransomware attacks and business email fraud – we’ve worked all kinds of cases for all kinds of clients. We will assist you in identifying the source of the attack, containing it, eradicating it and restoring your systems.

Following the cyber attack, we will conduct a full investigation so that you can work with your lawyer to determine your reporting obligations following the event.

Cyber Attack Support and Preparation

DFI Forensics can be retained as your organization's dedicated cyber attack response team for cost-effective monthly or yearly rates. Having our team of specialists on retainer means your organization will have immediate assistance and you will save time and significant costs associated with these disruptive and difficult events.

Cyber Attack Support And Preparation Package

Package Introduction
  • Custom built Incident Response Plan (updated bi-annually), including DFI Forensics' exclusive playbooks.
  • Priority access to DFI Forensics' 24/7 emergency incident response phone number.
  • Yearly table-top exercise (1-2 hour simulated cyber attack exercise).
  • Exclusive monthly security and threat awareness bulletin.
  • Rapid access to cryptocurrency (i.e., Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.) through DFI Forensics' cryptocurrency wallet if ransom payment is required.
  • 20 hours of annual credits towards security incident forensics by DFI Forensics ($11,000 value).
  • Pre-arranged and signed agreements, retainer, engagement, NDA and confidentiality for a speedy and efficient response.
  • Visually represented map of IT network components and layout kept on file for speedy and efficient response by DFI Forensics.

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DFI Forensics

Post-Incident investigations

Cyber attacks are prevalent now more than ever.  You may be attacked more than once and you must always remain vigilant in managing the risk to your business. Additionally, your business may be under a legal obligation to report these incidents to the Government or your clients.

Since your legal obligations following a cyber attack depend on the unique facts of your situation, you need to find out what happened. Knowing all the facts following an attack will give you a crystal clear understanding of exactly what happened, allow you to get legal advice from a well qualified privacy lawyer and give you an opportunity to reevaluate your cyber security program to make any necessary changes to minimize future attacks.

Mandatory Reporting

Canadian businesses are now under various Federal and Provincial obligations to report cyber attacks to the Government or their clients, depending on the nature of the attack and the information accessed by the hacker. Would you want to call your clients to report a data breach?

Most businesses would prefer to deal with the aftermath of a cyber attack internally rather than involving Government regulatory bodies or telling their clients that they failed to adequately safeguard important and private data. The damage to your reputation could be enormous.

Conducting a thorough post incident investigation allows you to determine the facts surrounding the cyber attack which allows you to learn your exact obligations to report the incident.