DFI Forensics

Expert Digital and IT Forensics Analysis

DFI Forensics is led by a former litigation lawyer and our team of highly skilled digital forensics experts has a wealth of experience with many litigation cases.

Digital forensics services is the field of forensic science that seeks to determine the facts surrounding an occurrence or event (such as employee data theft, for example) through the collection and examination of digital evidence from a variety of computer, digital and electronic sources. Strict evidence collection and analysis protocols are followed to ensure that our findings of fact are verifiable and admissible in Court. We get results and prepare clearly worded, succinct written reports so that lawyers, their clients and the Court can understand what we uncovered and what it means in plain language.

24/7 Cyber Attack Response Line

Contact DFI Foreniscs if you are experiencing a cyber attack anywhere in Canada or the United States. Our team of specialists is waiting to respond to you.

What we do

DFI Forensics works with litigation lawyers when they need a knowledgeable expert and great advice to assist them in collecting and obtaining the best digital evidence available to determine the facts of the events that gave rise to the lawsuit at hand.

Through the analysis of digital evidence collected from a variety of sources, but mostly computers and cell phones, we help lawyers precisely determine who, what, where, when and how an event occurred.

Our team has a wealth of experience assisting in litigation cases and giving expert evidence in Court.

Why Choose DFI Forensics?

DFI Forensics has a reputation for uniquely understanding the needs of the legal community and providing the best advice with cost-effective and thorough analysis.

Our team combines a wide variety of training, experience, skill and knowledge with the best digital forensics and incident response tools to provide expert level results in every case.

Expertise means we get it done right for you.

Digital Forensics

Our team will uncover the truth and facts of a suspicious or unlawful act, even when the suspect has tried to cover their tracks.

IT Forensics

Forensic examination of cell phones, computers, IT networks and any other source of electronic evidence.

Litigation Support

We work with litigation lawyers to help them build a stronger case with digital evidence and expert testimony.


We help lawyers search through very large amounts of information to identify the most relevant evidence and easily produce electronic evidence for use in Court.

Cyber Attack Response

Rapid response to cyber attacks on businesses such as data breaches, ransomware attacks and email fraud.


Minimize the risk to your organization through robust, customized cybersecurity solutions.

The DFI Forensics Client Process


Step 1

A thorough consultation is the best way for us to understand the unique needs of our clients. This is followed by a conflict check and contract setting our the scope of work, fees and client confidentiality/non-disclosure terms.


Step 2

We will locate all relevant evidence and data to forensically preserve it prior to analysis in our lab.

Our team uses the best law enforcement-grade digital forensics tools available.


Step 3

Our team uses expert training, skills and tools to discover, identify, extract and analyze the data.

Our findings are delivered in a court-certified expert report along with any deliverables requested.

Litigation Support
And EDiscovery

Lawyers need the best evidence for Court in order to represent their clients to best of their abilities. Digital forensics examinations of devices and expert witness testimony from a digital forensics expert are common in many modern law suits.

Whether you need forensic collection of digital evidence for your eDiscovery needs or an eDiscovery solution itself to search and filter through large volumes of data, we can help!

DFI Forensics was founded by a former litigation lawyer who combines legal training and Courtroom experience with certified digital forensics knowledge to provide valuable professional insight to our clients from the legal community throughout North America.

Cyber Attack Response

DFI Forensics can be retained as your organization's dedicated cyber attack response team for cost-effective yearly rates. Having the support of our team of specialists means your organization will have immediate assistance and you will save time and significant costs associated with these disruptive and difficult events.

As an expert cyber attack response team, we are ready to assist with data breaches, ransomware attacks and business email fraud – we’ve worked all kinds of cases for all kinds of clients.

We are experts in cyber attack first response.  We will assist you in identifying the source of the attack, containing it, eradicating it and restoring your systems.

Following the cyber attack, we will conduct a full investigation so that you can work with your lawyer to determine your reporting obligations following the event.